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The School of Wisdom was founded by two great modern philosophers, Professor Arnold Keyserling and his father, Count Hermann Keyserling.  This web presents the ideas of the Keyserlings and the School of Wisdom.

The school is designed to facilitate individual understanding of the "meaning of life". The approach is Holistic and Multi-Cultural. The non-denominational teachings of the school synthesize and include all the great religions and spiritual cultures of the Earth, and the latest insights of psychology, music, math and science. The school's goal is not more knowledge, but a transformation of being -- the attainment of Wisdom by personal realization of your place in the Infinite, and your role on Earth.

The pre-internet School of Wisdom was founded in 1920 in Darmstadt, Germany by Count Hermann Keyserling.  It was a key forum for many of the great spiritual thinkers of the day, including psychiatrist, Carl Jung, translator of the I Ching,Richard Wilhelm, theologian, Paul Tillich, German novelist and Noble prize winner, Hermann Hesse, and Noble prize winning Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore. The School of Wisdom was the first group to promote the idea of a world culture which honored and included all spiritual traditions. 

Today the School of Wisdom is inspired primarily by Arnold Keyserling and his many books, most of which are available only in German.


Arnold Keyserling was a Professor of Religious Philosophy at the Academy of Art in Vienna, Austria until his death on September 7, 2005. He was a writer, teacher and public speaker well known throughout Europe and Asia. He continued the work of his father, and his teachers, George Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharishi, and Josef Matthias Hauer (mystical 20th Century composer who started 12-tone music). Along with his wife, Wilhelmine, who also studied with Gurdjieff in Paris after the War, he was the first Westerner to bring Yoga to Europe in the early 1960s. Although a philosopher, not a psychologist, he was elected President of the Association of Humanistic Psychology in Europe in the mid 1980s. He was also a poet and prophet, heralding the coming Age of global technology and friendship, and of holistic thinking. Under Keyserling's philosophy God, as source of the Universe, is seen as a Friend, not a lord and master. These webs provide the only glimpse now available in English to his important works. German language proficient students should see our related web-site: Schule des Rades.

Today the Keyserlings' School of Wisdom operates worldwide through these webs, through books, PrimaSounds music CDs and other activities, including email.

Start or continue your journey to personal wisdom by exploring these webs. There are no enrollment exams, or tuition, just free information, music, and videos. Come in and look around. Our class rooms are always open!

Down-load a Power-Point presentation which introduces the School of Wisdom. Feel free to share this with your friends.

Complete list of all School of Wisdom Classes.    What's New.

About the School of Wisdom.   A course providing an introduction to the ideas, history and people behind the School of Wisdom.

Arnold Keyserling at ages 24 and 64Arnold Keyserling's Holistic Wisdom Classes.    Course by Professor Arnold Keyserling, on Wisdom, Spirit, and his holistic philosophy of the Wheel.

Wisdom Laws Classes at LawsofWisdom.com.   Prerequisite course outlining the basic ideas of the School of Wisdom by Ralph, a long time friend of Arnold Keyserling, R.C.L.

PrimaSounds Meditation Music Classes at PrimaSounds.com.    These courses explain the School's most powerful tool, and provide a sure path to the healing experience of Wisdom.

Fractal Wisdom Classes at FractalWisdom.com.    Learn the meaning behind the new scientific and mathematical discoveries of Fractals and Chaos in this science oriented course.

I Ching Wisdom Classes at IChingWisdom.com.    An advanced course on the Wisdom of China.

Chance and Choice Classes at ChanceandChoice.com.    Full on-line text of Keyserling's magnum opus in English co-written by his American friend and webmaster of the School of Wisdom. This is the most advanced class of the School. It reveals the meaning and significance of the "Myth of Science."

New Age Visions   Classes at newagevisions.com.    This is the Right Brained course for those open to poetic inspiration from higher powers. These visions are key to participation in the School's celebration of the Equinoxes and Solstices, and other group festivals.

Rabindranath Tagore Classes by Nobel Laureate and past teacher of the School of Wisdom, Rabindranath Tagore.    A course on his spiritual poetry, quotations, and his encounters with Albert Einstein and H.G. Wells.

MalidomaAfrican Wisdom Class at Malidoma.com.    Courses by Malidoma Somé, Phd., elder of the Dagara Tribe of West Central Africa, on the insights of the Dagara and the activities of the charitable foundation he leads, Echoes of the Ancestors.

Save the Earth!.    An old course on solving the problems of the Environment, and the wisdom to save our species from extinction.

Video Messages:

Arnold Keyserling in Florida in 1998

Watch a Video
of School of Wisdom teacher, Arnold Keyserling at the start of a School of Wisdom Wednesday night class. Crank up the volume on your computer for best results. Again requires free Real Player Plug-In to see.

Another Video of Professor Arnold Keyserling talking about the advantage of the Way of Understanding over the Way of Exercise.

Video of Arnold Keyserling talking about the spiritual danger of success. "Not knowing the Way is the best security you can have to be on the Way."

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