Feast of the West - Year of Saturn 2010



Today, on the day of the Feast of the West in the year of Saturn, you are called to limit yourself to what corresponds to your inner being, thus finding the freedom and openness which allows you to embody the inspiration of the East in our world.

Today, be like a stone! Through your stone-ness you convey heaviness and presence, and you express invisible principles of growth and realization which carry the future in themselves, in their actualization as they foster and enrich the becoming true human community.

Ask yourself: Which mineral form does my inner being take at the moment? See yourself in front of the entrance to a cave, find a word that will give you access, then enter the cave and look around! Among all the minerals in the cave, which one appeals to you? Look at it carefully - this corresponds to your inner being, which is created by you through your inspired work, and through which you are part of the becoming Age of Humanity. In the coming days, try to find a mineral whose shape conforms to the one you saw in your vision so you will be able to consciously carry this impulse of creation into your everyday life.

Understand, through self-limitation you unveil your inner being's unique lines of force. In the world's diversity and mulitiplicity, all you do and express should have a connection to the true center; it happens too often, and too easily, that this connection is lost. You are man between heaven and earth - you connect with them through decreasing, unlearning. In this way, the inner void will clarify and order your inner being's lines of force.

You are rooted in the zero point of the earth's center. All of your motivations, which integrate your actions into the common ground of our reality, arise from there. Further, out of the ever open expanse of heaven, inspiration comes to you at all times. Heaven's images and inspirations constitute an unceasing stream which you only must perceive, accept and catch. Ultimately, when the images and intentions of heaven come together with earth's motivations and find their expression in your work, thus forms your inner being, which continues to unfold throughout your life. However, be sure to let go of all those motivations which do not originate in earth - they lead you astray and make you loose the connection with the whole, that which is the defining nature of the true community of the emerging age.

In this developing age we all have the potential to be joyous players and actors in freedom. To realize this potential, clarity is needed - clarity which acknowledges that meaning, at all times, is pressing forward towards actualization; clarity of the need for returning to and reflecting about what accords to your inner being; and clarity of one's position in the creative field of force that is nourished from the mysterious center of the earth together with the infinite stream of heaven's images.



Open your heart for love and unity. Resonate with the frequencies from the cosmos and love, love, love!!

it's totally amazing Feast of the West, i am hoping there will be another feast with a great power comes charcoal barbecue grills

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