Feast of the West - Year of Pluto 2011



At the feast of the west you are called upon to align your path with the axis of community, and to grasp that, in so doing, you contribute to the creation of a center through which personal meaning, along with the collective meaning of our epoch, can become actualized.

Everyone who views his or her personal life as more than just an outline of goals to be reached and realized, as more potently a mandate which originates in inspiration, can create this transformative center through their work and thus develop his or her self as a bridge between the opening inner self and the community of all who understand themselves as part of this becoming time and world.

In our times, embodiment of meaning no longer occurs through simply believing and following; it happens through the innocence of play when it is unified with work and responsibility for the community. Inspiration is accessible to us through playing; no effort is needed in this - just innocence, attention, openness and joy. Inspiration is the carrier of meaning, the embodiment of which leads to your work, your mandate and contribution to the work of earth where you unite yourself with all those who see our common reality on earth as concerned with mutual fostering and communal ascent.

The revelation of the New Time is one of community - where humanity, mutual support and fostering, and communication are at the center. In this way the space of community becomes transformed into a space where its axis can switch and change, such that in everyday life the potential of the ascent can be felt and sensed. The ascent is a progression towards the New Earth as the highest expression of our New Time, and of the community of man with the divine.

For our feast of today, it is not necessary to find an inner image. Simply try, in a state of inner silence and void, to call those persons to your inner eye who - either in their work or as individuals - are convincing to you. Then, as accurately as possible, formulate what it is you deem important in them. Take this as your inspiration and conscious impulse for your work in the weeks to come.


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