Feast of the South - Year of Saturn 2010



The eclipse of the moon means that one potentially can have a clear perception of ones inner being (of ones essence). the essence is ones inner body of work (and also of words), which one has developed in ones personal path, bringing the light of heaven and the power of earth together.

When the moon is gone, all our phantasies are gone. there is only reality and the light of the sun. that means, at the lunar eclipse no false images of oneself, no phantasies or wishful thinking can distort the perception of this ones essence. so tomorrow one can get a very clear glance at ones essence, everything is about clearly and innocently perceiving what the seed of light (ones radiating spiritual essence) really is which one has worked on to embody and share with the emerging community of mankind.

The essence connects the eternal self with the temporal I, the temporal person, so in a way always anew embodying the eternal in our reality here, while forming the spiritual body to partake in the true community of mankind in the great image of the man in the universe.

The expression of the Feast of the South in the Year of Saturn is of trust in your inner being. This inner being is a manifestation of your path and, it is from your work - on and for this path - that your inner being is formed and develops, thus allowing you to partake in the community of the emerging age.

At this time, the return of the light signals the moment of renewal for both your path and task. These two fundaments of your inner being, your path and your task, obtain nourishment from your connection with the creative impulses of Earth. Earth is the origin and common ground of all of life; it is from Earth' s darkness and vastness that motives arise - motives which are waiting to be grasped, expressed and transformed by you, thus enriching your personal life, the lives of your fellow beings and, in the end, the whole communal reality of Earth.

Entrust yourself to the darkness of Earth, in devotion, without knowing, so that your path may become clear and you will be capable of doing. In your own inner darkness, you are connected with Earth' s darkness. Precisely when trusting, in innocence and not purporting to know, will your inner darkness become the origin of light which accompanies the unfolding of your inner being. This, your inner being, is connected with the whole in a way that exceeds any of your conscious imaginings. So, for a moment, halt all your wishes and thoughts in order to reveal your being, in the openness and void of inner stillness, as the seed of the returning light.

With your mind' s eye, look at the nocturnal disc of the moon, then let your glance sweep across the horizon, finally turning it inward and downward, towards the center of the Earth. Think of the center of the Earth, and ask Earth for a vision which will articulate the returning light of your inner being. Couch this vision in words in order to bring it into reality, and also try to understand the number which underlies it. Not only is your inner being expressed as a vision based on the unfolding light, but also as a number. The numerical aspect is what allows you to understand how the impulse of your vision can be made communal, thus serving the becoming community of mankind - in healing or creating, researching or caring, undertaking or communicating, fighting, organizing or planning.

You are simultaneously nothing and something. Your nothing constitutes the gate to Earth' s creative impulses, to her motives which, together with the intentions of Heaven, will always align your path with the unfolding meaning of the whole. Your something is your inner being which shines like the sun in her return, renewing all of life. This light of your inner being awakens the world to shine, too, and becomes the foundation of all true relationship and true community.

Today, at the Feast of the South, your inner being reveals itself in a threefold way - as light, vision, and number - which results from your communion with Heaven and Earth, and hints at the meaning and sense which you, and all people with good intentions, seek to realize in our emerging community on Earth.


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