Feast of the South - Year of Pluto 2011

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In the Aquarian Age there are no more pre-formed and pre-decided paths; there is only the seizing and actualizing of possibilities which originate in the Divine.

God is no longer "almighty Lord and Ruler" - in order to recognize and reach the meaning of life, and of creation's all-pervading spiritual unity, what is needed is neither spiritual cleansing and asceticism, nor obedience and submission. In our new age, God is no more the highest actuality but, rather, the highest potentiality - and it is man who actualizes this potentiality. Through this actualization man experiences God as friend, as the one who, at any moment, can open him to the possibilities of the next step.

Acknowledge the twofold meaning of your actions! Even in your everyday life, your actions can be a playful and creative contribution to the Great Work of Earth, aiming at the highest potential of our times. This potential encompasses the becoming of true humanity which, because of the actualization of God's potentiality through man, is the simultaneous becoming of God.

The way leads from darkness to light, it leads from below upwards and, according to the freedom of both man and God, it is not predetermined. This means that each step, as integration into the unity and spiritual whole of creation, happens out of the "not-known" - the true gate to the pleroma of divine potentiality.

Today, in this year of Pluto, with the return of light you renew trust in your own path. When looking into the future, it is ever in darkness; however, looking back into the past you can envision it as a chain of events you have experienced as an expression of something which, at the time, perhaps you were only vaguely aware of it as possessing meaning, or as being a contribution to something new.

This "something" new is indeed our becoming age; the twofold life is its norm, where the mundane occurrences of everyday life fall together with the embodiment of spiritual meaning.

On your path, trust and innocence stand by your side as the power of the sacred plants. Just as plants grow and draw their energy from earth and light, your life also is carried by earth's power and heaven's seeds of light, thus ensuring the unfolding of your inner being in ever new ways.

Try to remember the first time when things and events around you started to make sense - when they seemed to conform in a meaningful way. It is important to put this into words, as the way is only recognizable in looking back. Through looking back you foster your trust that a next step will be disclosed out of the inner being's need to unfold.

At the moment of utmost darkness, the light returns. This is why despair, uncertainty, despondence and angst are not so important. As uncomfortable as they are for the outer layers of your life, they point to the essential aspect of darkness, the not-knowing, which is the source of your freedom. It is not-knowing which, counter to all practical difficulties and inner objections, will advance and support you on the path to becoming truly human.

On today's Feast of the South, in the year of Pluto, all the nine impulses of the pleroma are accessible to your choice. Before the invocation, stand under trees somewhere in the Earth Sanctuary. Along your inner axis, let your breath descend to the center of the earth and then rise into heaven, thus making earth's power and the returning light of heaven meet within you. Then, choose one of the nine numbers which will constitute your life's main impulse in the coming weeks and months. Also, see the number you choose as a reminder for your contribution to our age, which develops and emerges along four parameters: that of man slowly becoming truly human, of mutual helping and sharing within the community, that of the common Work of Earth shared by all those of good will, and the merging of the individual's inner being with the true subject of the Divine.


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