Feast of the South-West - Year of Saturn 2010

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spiritual-freedom-between-light-and-good.jpg The Feast of the South-West in the Year of Saturn constitutes the essential moment in which the spiritual responsibility you carry meets with all potential, ever held in readiness, in the universe. Spirit is unconditional - it knows no cause nor necessity; Spirit is the unfolding of the game that the Creative plays with itself. So, bethink yourself which impulse you experience as a constant driving force that links you with the future. Name this impulse consciously and, then, let the happiness and joy of playing come to the fore.

Today, on the Feast of the South-West, we are carried by joy and blessed with luck - joy in being a part of the game which originates in the infinite ground of creative potential. Let go of those identifications which tie you to the past; try not to change or do anything intentionally. Simply be open in the moment, receptive, submitting yourself to the coincidences which, as the expression of a universe at play, inevitably will find you.

You are positioned between Heaven and Earth. Your spiritual inner being has grown this year, like a plant towards the light, obtaining nourishment from the motives of Earth (which integrate everything into the becoming community), and direction from the images of Heaven. Today is the day the flower of this plant opens. Spirit reveals itself as future to you, transforming into a path that articulates your inner being.

Be light, be a dancer between the worlds! Between day and night, sun and moon, and in front of a horizon that widens into infinity see yourself as a plant ready to flower, rooted in the earth and growing towards heaven. The flower unfolds and receives.... what? Which images arise, which sentence do you hear, which words?

Relate everything you see or hear back to that one impulse in your life which you think of as being constant beyond all change. Relate, again, this impulse to one of the elements - earth, water, fire or air. In so doing the beings of the South-West will start to help you, lending wings to you and to your work, granting you good luck and joy.

Spirit is eternal future - thus, do not let negative occurrences of the past hold you back. Your vision shows you the openings, not the limitations, of everyday reality. It shows you the possibility of transformation; not the seemingly unalterable and determining constraints of necessity.

Freedom arises through your openness, your responsibility and choice, and through knowledge gained through trust - knowledge that you are not alone, that the spirits approach you with their help, today, at the feast of the unfolding flower of potential, when the doors connecting the worlds stand wide open. You will feel this help as joy and cheerfulness, not only today, but also in the weeks to come, as the spirit's support in the actualization of your vision will continue to be with you.


1 Comment

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