Feast of the South-West - Year of Pluto 2011



The Feast of the South-West in the Year of Pluto calls on you to remember the dream which weaves the pattern of your life.

Don't make the mistake of reducing yourself by only acknowledging the day-side of your consciousness. Don't fall for the mistaken belief that you plan and rationally steer the course of your life; you are always more than what you familiarly think of yourself.

Behind everything that happens in your life, behind all those events which you experience as having meaning and making sense, there lies the working of a dream - your dream - which, in ever new ways, is actualizing your path as you traverse its course. Don't allow the dazzling light of everyday life to obstruct your access to dream, to the realm of eternal becoming where the borders between things are blurred and diffuse, where the answers to questions become images and creative stories, and where, ultimately, your own unfolding story has its source, transferring dream's magic into reality.

Just as your story originates in the realm of dreams, so does the working of the earth's spirits manifest through dream - thus, your vitality derives from there.

The power of the spirits of earth proving of worth in practical tasks .....

The dexterity and cleverness of the spirits of air.....

The inability of the spirits of water to limit themselves to what rationally makes sense, thus helping you to break through those unnecessary barriers you build up to resist the unexpected and unforeseeable.....

The intensity and joy of the spirits of fire who let you experience true communion and connection with all beings.....

All of these constitute the origin of your vitality, the source of your versatility, the power of your inspiration and provide the help necessary for luck in being able to live life as contribution to the work of the earth.

Today, in the year's South-West, the door between the worlds has opened. See with your inner eye a door; the door separating reality from potentiality, day from night and waking from dreaming. Ask yourself: what is the dream that becomes realized in your life? Then step through the door! Whatever you see and perceive, try to formulate it in a sentence that makes sense for you, thus giving you clarity, trust and direction. Use this sentence in the next week to remind you as to where from you always obtain energy, help and renewal.

Today, all the earth's spirits are with you. Remember their names, greet them and invite them to support you in the weeks to come so that the courage of the trolls, the inspiration of the dwarfs, the powerful wishes of the fairies and the joy of the elves can be with you. The work of the earth does not require any hard striving or false effort; merely openness and an understanding that you need luck and help in order to actualize your dream and be able to work. That help is always there and accessible as long as you ask for it, and are ready for it.


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