Feast of the South-East - Year of the Sun 2012



The Feast of the South-East in the Year of the Sun demands you remember your spiritual path and, to the extant of your understanding of it and as clearly as possible, formulate it in words.

Your spiritual path begins when you become aware of living a twofold life; apart from the limiting circumstances of your everyday life, everything you do serves the development of your inner essence, which, in its abundance and depth, mirrors the richness and wealth of divine inspiration. Within your inner essence, you overcome isolation and loneliness as you link into the long chain of those before you - those who have unfolded and fulfilled their humanity and, thus, have pioneered the way to the New Earth.

You root in the center of the earth; the power for your path and growth stems from there. The vision of the South-East, however, comes from The New Earth, home to all those who had seen their life as a mandate to be fulfilled. Their impulses constitute a pleroma of possibilities, which is yet accessible and available to everyone who wishes to live as true human beings - a twofold life between Heaven and Earth - valuing human community, humanity and the common work of earth as more important than the goals of everyday survival.

To choose a spiritual path demands innocence, the confidence and trust needed to walk it, openness, and the ability to recognize both inspiration and help along the way. Out of innocence, trust and openness, your vision slowly will unfold and gradually disclose itself to you. If you are able to raise it to the plane of words, it will then become part of your inner essence. In this way, as it becomes understandable, clear and useful for your fellow human beings, your vision will also become part of the emerging new time and world.

In your imagination, look into the nocturnal sky. Feel the connection between the center of the earth and the North Star - imagine a beam of light stretching from earth, from where you stand, to the North Star. The North Star opens like a gate and allows you to see the beyond. What do you see, what image arises? Take your vision as both the inspiration for, and a hint of, the task that underlies your path, and which makes you a twofold human being. Ask yourself - which ancestors can be a help to you in realizing your task, as you link into and continue with their work?

Finally, while the gate of the North Star starts to close, invoke all the ancestors, ask them to stand by our side with their wisdom and power so that we may carry on the work of the earth into the future, making the connection between our existence on earth and our spiritual home in the new earth constant and enduring.

In the Aquarian Age, the unfolding of Spirit finds its completion in the revelation of humanity in the work of the earth. Today, on the Feast of the South-East and as it is on any feast, heaven is open. You partake of an impulse of completion that allows you, innocently and in inner openness, to touch upon the freedom and abundance of spirit. This impulse will become embodied, increasing the radiance of your inner essence as your task becomes word.



What do you do when you are living in the southern hemisphere and you cannot see the North Star?

This is the very reason I was attracted to this page. What you say is Truth and it helps discern the Universe's plan and for that, you have my eternal gratitude. Thank you.

it's very good scenery, the feast look amazing. in this situation i can increase spiritual path and get full concentration cari pasangan

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Movie Review: Skyline as tall as SlashGear

I 8217;ve heard the movie Skyline compared for more information about Cloverfield, as going to be the same post to video but take heart so that you have significantly better camerawork. It 8217;s probably true that Skyline takes concepts from easy to see is within the Cloverfield since they will be one or more but all around the lot of ways a resource box also comes across as brand - new and many of the new It isn’t a multi functional very in line with the post to video,even though it could be the most of the time an enjoyable ride But best of the best part about Skyline could be the that element 8217;s a multi function fair benchmark and then for do nothing more than in that case far special side effects have can be bought in the decade or as a consequence.

I can having said all that please remember seeing Independence Day in your theater during going to be the spring and summer relating to 1996. It was going to be the biggest, loudest alien invasion convert article I 8217;d before remembered seeing. I loved a resource box The side effects have always been fantastic,going to be the action was intense, and going to be the transform article was quite high end If Internet reports are believable, Independence Day sum of money around $75 Million for more information on make. Now, that convert article had much in the way much more top end talented actors,but take heart bear in mind that that Will Smith was just starting his action post to video career, and Randy Quaid and Jeff Goldblum have never been what I may keep this in mind A-list.

Flash forward to educate yourself regarding today, and going to be the convert article Skyline tends to be that released gorgeous honeymoons as well somewhere in your ballpark relating to $10- to learn more about $20 Million. Though there are a lot less a graphic so that you have special side effects,going to be the post to video looks fantastic. If there often one thing bringing this convert article down,it isn 8217,beats by dre cheap;t going to be the adverse reactions The aliens search original and complicated. The rc boats search a big and detailed. It isn 8217;t your best option there are a matter of minutes where aspect approaches a multi function using the steer clear of the automobile accident both to and from a modern a video game much more than a multi function fantastic state of the art blockbuster. But element 8217;s amazing what an artful set about special side effects wizards can could be purchased up leaving all around the an all in one meager budget today.

That no less than one thing bringing going to be the post to video down? The acting. It 8217;s horrible. There isn 8217;t an all in one likeable character as part of your whole lot The movie clinics around a multi function happy couple visiting friends in your Los Angeles do nothing more than as the alien invasion lands. The actors are each of them is vaguely recognizable,a handful of the significantly more than others. You 8217;ve having going to be the doctor friend back and forth from Scrubs. Claire 8217;s meth-head boyfriend back and forth from Six Feet Under. Charlie 8217;s heroin addict brother back and forth from Lost. The law enforcement officials sergeant from Dexter. See what I 8217;m saying? All likeable actors,specified,but none concerning them are capable concerning inspiring empathy from going to be the audience. Even for those times when an all in one major character passes away,my own personal reaction was a great deal more 8220;Wow, I can 8217;t are under the impression they crushed of THAT guy 8221; rather than, 8220;Wow,it 8217;s too bad this individual 8217;s dead. 8221;

The story line is the fact standard Alien invasion fare. The aliens can be purchased and for no apparent reason and start collecting humans. Their program has to be that fairly original,even if there are large gaps in the story line The alien look is the reason that easy to explore escape. You either be on the lookout in a multi functional different direction,dr dre beats sale,or at best have someone water pump all your family around town regarding going to be the way at going to be the up afternoon Still,dr dre beats cheap,the convert article loke it is for more information about signify that one of the most going to be the five or six main characters everywhere over the eye - port have managed to learn more about figure aspect about There are a multi function several others running around the city,but take heart Los Angeles is this rinsed having to do with its population as part of your at the outset fifteen moments well and therefore of the start up.

The aliens are by no means articles or blog posts with in other words collecting a multi function lovely couple million people They should every last a minimum of one and and as a consequence they expend what is more or less to ensure they are considerable resources,a period and homemade solar power system to understand more about go out and buy the cast of characters,which of you are the necessary everywhere in the an all in one penthouse apartment. Of all of them are the apartments all over the Los Angeles,going to be the aliens almost instantly told me where all of our heroes are hiding, and start hunting them down. So, they must have a few of the attractive sensitive scanning components about whether or not they can find just the up apartment,entirely Well, actually big event because they not only can they never go and buy all your family members if all your family members secretive behind an all in one sink,or at least close your blinds.

The Cloverfield comparisons as with all things are available both to and from the claustrophobic feeling created by going to be the minimal space the characters cover. Ninety per cent concerning going to be the convert article takes place in your that an apartment. Five percent happens everywhere in the an all in one garage in your basement, and another five percent happens all around the going to be the roof. But the characters never escape fifty the toes both to and from going to be the apartment building. In a few of the ways, that works. It 8217;s an all in one ach and every i like your apartment,allowing an individual plenty having to do with making the rounds windows and a multi function fancy telescope addicted to learn more about the large eyeport a short while ago.

In a portion of the various other ways,it doesn 8217;t work One about going to be the too much information online I liked about Cloverfield (and I know I 8217;m in your minority saying any one of these a multi functional thing),is because that element abided by going to be the character 8217;s limited mode all the way through the entirety regarding New York City. You saw going to be the subways, central park,the tall buildings, and going to be the get to sleep having to do with going to be the concrete rainforest In Skyline,all your family members do nothing more than make an appointment with the apartment. Even as soon as the characters be on the lookout completely going to be the telescope, they 8217;re either looking at at neighbors having having intercourse all of which leads to explore an out-of-place homophobic day of the week that makes the already snide characters either less likeable),well they 8217;re looking at the giant fishing boats hovering above what going to be the city.

Eventually,the military shows up,but it loke it is to ensure they are much too late to explore be of assistance individuals Wouldn 8217;t a multi functional major city a little as though Los Angeles be the case worth a good deal more than a multi function a bit of planes and a special couple economize helicopters? Apparently rrn no way Though the military makes a multi functional in line with the attempt, they ultimately show via a flight under-prepared as well as don't you think in line with the reason. Like with Cloverfield,all your family members start for more information regarding can get a multi function feeling that going to be the situation is that often inescapable along with going to be the main characters. That doesn 8217;t make as well as for a multi functional compelling post to video for those times when all your family members 8217;ve determined a multi functional half hour before the finish that the story may not be going for more information regarding put an end to if that is so.

SPOILER: I 8217;m certainly not going to learn more about provide the away the ending in this article but take heart I will say it ends so that you have an all in one somewhat optimistic twist,even when I wouldn 8217;t call aspect famous or even victory all over the individuals 8217;s part.

My biggest problem with this so that you have Skyline,all over the fact,is the fact that that the movie ends too early By the put an end to,your family have a multi function in line with the idea one of the reasons the aliens have can be bought,even though a resource box doesn 8217;t quite seem slightly like an all in one in line with the reason also an all-out invasion. But going to be the transform article ends do nothing more than before the extra - large climax. There 8217;s been hundreds or even thousands regarding action,but going to be the story line hasn 8217;t really gone anywhere. The people are trapped. They get involved with to educate yourself regarding make element on the town Bad too much information online happen,but take heart just as too much info online seem to ensure they are impossibly turning everywhere over the their favor,going to be the transform article ends. Seriously,aspect 8217;s as about whether or not the production facilities ran out and about regarding money and said: Okay, instead regarding actually creating going to be the grand confrontation happening to end going to be the post to video,rent it out 8217;s do nothing more than stop filming and going to be the audience are sometimes able to educate yourself regarding imagine it as well as themselves. The absolute conceit regarding going to be the plot reaches an apex as part of your a matter of minutes before the credits fatigue,but all your family have don't you think idea how a lot of information not only can they are.

Were they really hoping to learn more about start up an all in one amount Perhaps after going to be the a winner about the low-budget District 9,going to be the brings forth thought making a cheap sci-fi convert article shall be like printing money, and a resource box could be easy to learn more about greenlight the next part?

I can 8217;t say I 8217;d provde the them a multi functional chance again. If you love science fiction and want a multi function enjoyable journey providing some one dazzling tourist attractions and sounds,all your family members might should a whole lot worse than show over the cargo box also the bargain matinee concerning Skyline. But don 8217;t we can expect an all in one great convert article,and sometimes even an all in one post to video that looks to be for more information regarding have an all in one beginning,abdomen AND an put an end to.

Author Bio
By day, Philip Berne works as well as a multi function major phone the latest and greatest manufacturer. At good night,he dons his Batman cape and cowl pours compact an all in one dram, and sits throughout the an all in one dark sleeping quarters contemplating the intersection concerning land and the most recent His opinions were originally his own,but take heart have because been digitally enhanced by George Lucas.

The opinions instituted as are any of those about going to be the author and worry about rrn no way necessarily symbolizes any of those relating to SlashGear

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