Feast of the Northwest - Year of Saturn 2010



The Feast of the Northwest in the year of Saturn demands of you to understand your life as an expression and play of creative seeds which, in their working, are fundamental to your task and call. In realizing them you become a true friend - friend of God and friend of Mankind. As friend, you are part of the community of the times to become.

Your everyday world seems solid and normal to you; actually, reality is a play of the divine, an unfolding of a numinous origin with a pleroma of creative seeds which represent the infinite multitude of potential.

Therefore, find your roots under the seemingly hard and solid surface of everyday life! Reality does not happen only in your waking life; it takes place between the two poles of night and of day, of deep sleep and full awakening. It is here in the realm in-between, in the twilight that lies 'twixt dormant seeds and their fully developed flower of reality, that you will find access to all potential and possibilities that shape your creative play. You must tune into this realm - this reality in-between with its wide and immensely spacious reservoir of continuously flashing images, of vaguely and indistinctly sensed potential, where everything is new, pliable and heavy with an abundance of energy - and freely hand yourself over to it.

Turn your perception inward to your center and downward to the center of the Earth. In your imagination, see yourself floating in the clear water of a mountain lake that is fed from an underground spring. Float in the water and then, finally, let yourself sink to the bottom of the lake. Search for the spring and, once you have found it, notice that images stream from it - dim and vague at first, then, more and more, clear and distinct. Watch these images as they arise from the spring and then drift out into the lake. Try to catch one in motion as it is developing, and articulate the image in a word, sentence or even an unfolding story. This evolving and articulated image which you see today represents your connection with the creative potential of the original ground. Your task and call are nurtured from this ground in order for you to be able to playfully shape and partake in our common reality.

Ever recognize that you obtain nourishment, strength and inspiration from this original well of seeds and that, at all times, there is an infinite wealth of potential at your disposal. This is the inspiration from which the play of your life and the performance of your task depend! Never forget this! Today we celebrate the feast of God's friends - the feast of those who do not try to find their security in outer circumstances, but do so in the realization of creative impulses which lead to true human community. True human community means that one respects others in their inner-being and also enriches them through one's own ability or competence.

Do not plan the circumstances of your life, but surrender to the Creative. It is your connection to the numinous origin from which, moment to moment, our common reality is created. If you try to plan your life and control its circumstances, your only creation is a false security which suffocates the unfolding of the true seeds of potential. So, at all times stand by your potential! Know that once you recognize it and live your life as a creative adventure, you will become friend - friend of God and friend of Mankind - which has always been the central theme of this feast.

By, Árpád Romándy


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