Feast of the North - Year of Pluto


The Feast of the North in the Year of Pluto demands of you that you gain clarity and become aware of the mysterious center - that which constitutes your access to the New Earth, the highest potential of the becoming time. Make quiet all your wishes and any preconceived notions you may have about your life and your work. Quietness leads to clarity and, within the great blueprint of your life, gives you a sense of the center that nourishes your work, which, in turn, allows you partake in the New Earth as expression of the new becoming age.

Our center is, at once, both nothing and something. As nothing it allows you to maintain the relationship with heaven and earth, to be open, recognize and grasp true inspiration, and to distinguish this from mere imagination. As something, the center points to your inner essence - which is never finished and complete; it is always "becoming" through the continuous integration of the creative impulses of heaven and earth with your work.

Wherever your work furthers, transforms, enlightens or touches; whenever it happens without effort and ambition - it is there and then that the clarity gained and realized in your inspired work and inner essence comes to true expression.

Always try to be simple. It is lessening and reducing that lead to clarity and to the center; not increasing and adding complexity. Through diminishing and simplifying, the secret of the North is revealed as a revelation of the world's liveliness, talking to you and pointing to the wellspring at the center, which is the origin of your working and spiritual life.

Remember an event of your life which had meaning for you. Let it emerge in front of your inner eye. Ask yourself if the event could be an access for you to this New Earth at which your work is aiming. In your vision see a gate in front of the night sky, step through it, and wait for what is revealed to your inner eye - for what message you are able to perceive.

Our time demands clarity in thinking. This clarity does not serve the increase of knowledge, but rather a reconnection with the center - through which, in true reality, we find our home and never lose our connection with heaven and earth. It is our center that reveals itself as a mysterious gate through which the sleeping potential of time becomes accessible as winged vision and hope in the new becoming age.


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