Feast of the East- Year of Pluto 2011

The East is inspiration and living voice. At the Feast of the East in the Year of Pluto you are called upon to remember that the plan and design of your life is always realized through, and nourished by, the voice of inspiration - a voice which is talking to you, actually, at every moment you are ready to listen.

In entering the new epoch, a decisive step has been made by mankind. Meaning is no longer realized simply through commitment to a religious denomination or belief system, but rather through friendship with God and the community of friends who join together, playfully, in the Work of the Earth. In this new epoch mankind has reached maturity and full responsibility; these are now the times of those who understand what they are doing as their contribution to the development of humanity, as an expression of playful joy and freedom, and as both enriching the world and anchoring meaning in this, the becoming community.

Meaning is not located somewhere outside; it does not need to be searched for or grasped. Meaning arises through the actualization of possibilities and these, in turn, must be referred back to the origin of pure potentiality in the not-yet, which - because it is still ungraspable, indistinct and vague - allows the space for actualization.

Actualization, here, also means renewal. It means not to set trust in what has already become - but, rather, trusting in the not-yet and in an ever present accessibility of the plethora of possibilities. It is our habits, shyness, inertia and, above all, our fears which block our view.

Therefore, let go of your suffering and your belief that circumstances may have a conditioning grip on your life. The world around you has less sharp contours than you may think; it is less clearly confined and objective. Your life and what surrounds it is movement which occurs continuously, from one moment of openness, inspiration and renewal to the next.

All the impulses of actualization are accessible through the pleroma of the nine numbers springing forth from the creative not-yet. Ask yourself which of these numbers expresses itself in what you do in your life at the moment. What is the potential of this number? Every number constitutes an impulse of realization as well as a connection to the numinous origin. In envisioning and consciously deciding on a choice of one of the numbers, you are tuning your life and your actions to the process of the ever-new actualization of meaning.

Be aware that whatever gets done or becomes known originates in a subject. There is a "Who" behind all knowledge or action, and this Who is not solid, fixed or complete. Like meaning seeking new actualization at all times, your Who - who you are - is also always in the process of becoming. The East nourishes your becoming inner essence; so take your inspirations, ideas and random thoughts seriously, as these help you to overcome static habits and limitations which can hinder the growth of your inner essence and this, our new time to unfold.


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