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The School of Wisdom currently publishes all of its books and material on its websites. The three music CDs of PrimaSounds are available for purchase here, with a few music selections available for free listening.

R.C.L has been working with Professor Arnold Keyserling, of the Academy of Art, Vienna, Austria, and others, since 1990 to translate and publish in English the ideas, music, and many foreign language books of the School of Wisdom. This centuries incarnation of the "School of Wisdom" started in Europe in 1920. (The name, and the idea of a "School of Wisdom" is as old as human kind itself, and can be found in every era, in most cultures around the world.) The earliest books of its founder, Count Hermann Keyserling, (Arnold Keyserling's father) were widely translated and published in English in the 1920s and 30s. Count Keyserling's book Travel Diary of a Philosopher (Harcourt Brace, 1925) was a best seller in the U.S. in the 1920's and can still be found in most libraries. Since World War II the ideas and publications of the School of Wisdom have only been available in German, French and Italian. Now as a result of the collaboration between R.C.L. and Keyserling, the SCHOOL OF WISDOM PUBLICATIONS make many of the ideas, music and recent texts of the SCHOOL OF WISDOM available again in English. 

The first volume of the SCHOOL OF WISDOM Series called NEW AGE VISIONS is online at This book contains three works of inspired poetry by Arnold Keyserling: Messages From The Being In The Universe; From Dark To Life; From The Depths Of The Universe. New Age Visions captures the spirit of the new times with clarity, depth and great beauty. This inspirational book of "sacred poetry" provides a beautiful, nontechnical introduction to the ideas of the School of Wisdom. If you are into your right brain, and open to prophetic visions, this is a great place to start.

The second volume is another collaborative work by Keyserling and R.C.L. CHANCE and CHOICE: A Compendium of Ancient and Modern Knowledge. Again the full text is available online at Originally written in English, this book provides a rational, systematic footing for the first four works. Chance and Choice is a deep and eclectic work bringing together the insights of many different fields of Science, Art and Religion into a coherent whole. It presents a holistic vision of the world and the modern journey to spiritual enlightenment. It is used as the advanced text of the SCHOOL OF WISDOM.

The third volume is LAWS OF WISDOM: A HOLISTIC SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE AND RELIGION is the basic text of the School of Wisdom.  The full text is available online at Laws of Wisdom covers the same broad spectrum of subjects as Chance and Choice, but is designed to be more accessible, has a "legal slant", and serves as the introductory English handbook for the School of Wisdom.

The fourth volume is CHAKRA MUSIC: the Story of PrimaSounds. Another book by R.C.L and Arnold, again available full text, online at It explains the practice and theory of PrimaSounds music. It also shares the human stories behind its discovery and development. Numerous color photographics and graphics make this book as beautiful as the music. It is a must for anyone who enjoys PrimaSounds and wants guidance on how to use it as a tool.

The fifth volume of the School of Wisdom series is LIFE TUNING WITH PRIMASOUNS. It is a one hour audio CD of PrimaSounds music as described in the fourth volume.  The CD itself comes with a short description of the music and compositions.  The PrimaSounds scale is tuned to the frequencies of the seven human energy centers or chakras. This music is one of the key tools of the School of Wisdom. A full online explanation designed to go with the Life Tuning CD is included on   The music on the CD was composed and performed by R.C.L. Click here to listen to samples of LIFE TUNING.

One of the first performances of PrimaSounds by Francois Bayle of Paris Radio inspired Keyserling in 1972 to write the first of the three volumes: New Age Visions.  The new music on all PrimaSounds CDs can be used to relax, awaken energies, open to peak experiences and begin a process of full self realization and integration, the process of Life Tuning.  More information on PrimaSounds, along with excerpts of PrimaSounds music, can be heard at

The sixth volume is called simply, PRIMASOUNDS. Like the first Audio CD, Life Tuning, the PrimaSounds CD contains over 45 minutes of original music and almost 15 minutes of chakra tones. The PrimaSounds web provides all full description of the compositions on the CD. Excerpts of the music may also be found on the web devoted entirely to PrimaSounds. Click here to listen to samples of PRIMASOUNS.

The seventh volume is GATEKEEPER. Like the first 2 Audio CDs, GateKeeper contains over 50 minutes of original music and almost 15 minutes of chakra tones. Unlike the first CDs, Gatekeeper is designed to enhance the vision producing qualities of PrimaSounds. Here the music itself acts as a kind of gatekeeper sonically opening and closing gates into other dimensions. It is based on the cosmology and ideas of the Dagara Tribe of west central Africa. Click here to listen to samples of GATEKEEPER.

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