Four Steps on the Path of Wisdom

By: Arnold Keyserling & R.C.L.

Only you can find out who you are.

No matter what the cultural context, we find that the Path of Wisdom has essentially four steps:

(1) know your body,

(2) create your dream body or energy fields,

(3) figure out your meaning in life, and

(4) participate in a global network of friends where your meaning can be fulfilled in history.

These steps are not sequential, they all happen at once, with a change in emphasis over time. The "first" step of body awareness comes from exercises and practice - things like sports, yoga, martial arts, massage, etc. You have to be grounded in the body to escape from the prison of left brain hypnosis, to liberate yourself to holistic awareness.

Next, the creation of an energy body, a dream body, comes from active imagination, exercises and meditation. The Hindu tradition refers to this step as opening the Chakras. In China it is known as the activation of the Chi, and is the basis of all Oriental Medicine. The Western esoteric traditions refer to this energy field as the Aura - the halos you see painted around saints. Again, there are many methods to develop your energies, although they are not as well known as the body work. One such method uses sound vibrations known as PrimaSounds.

The third step is to make sense of the world, figure out what it all means and who you are. You can also think of this as a process of "remembering." Remembering what you came here to do, what you had intended to do in this life before you were born. Everyone has a purpose, a special life destiny, which only they can fulfill. The destiny is not inevitable, it is only a potential. The exact way it will be achieved is always unknown. So in that sense it is both a remembering and a creative process. Remember why you are here and figure out how to do it. The remembering and "figuring out" process is more than intuition, it is also a holistic thinking process. A process of active contemplation and analysis that can lead to action - once you figure out what it is you can do next. (It is easier to walk once the blindfold is removed!) Here the thinking tool which is Arnold Keyserling's purpose in life to develop and make known to others, called The WHEEL, can be of great help. It can help you remove the blindfold of ignorance as to who you are, help you to remember what you came here to do. Understanding who you are then leads naturally to the next step of "doing it.

The fourth step we sometimes call "Metapolitical" action in the world. (See: "Wisdom, Metapolitics and the Internet" essay.) Here a School of Wisdom or other friendship group is critical. With a little help from your friends, participation with others and in groups of people, you can act Globally to fulfill your potential. You can fulfill your mission in life. You can become a player in the ongoing game of human civilization, a link in the great history of life. You can carry out your meaning in life, your true purpose, the only way possible - in active concert with the rest of the Universe.

All four steps on the Path of Wisdom can be significantly helped by group work and teachers. To fill this need Schools of Wisdom, and groups like it, are now opening all over the world based on the tradition of direct Wisdom transmission. A word of caution here, don't be too intellectual or take yourselves too seriously, have fun with the Path of Widom and the Wheel, play with it as a kind of "glass bead game." True Wisdom is joyful. People who are too serious are not really mature.

Finally, remember only YOU can find out who you are - no one else can (or should) do that for you, or tell you what to do. Beware of Power Trippers, especially "spiritual" ones. The days of Gurus, cults and religions telling you what to do are gone. The New Age demands individual liberty and spiritual democracy. We are free people, united on a global scale by interlocking networks and communities. Just as you would not allow another to take over your body, do not sell your soul, or allow your spirit to be taken and controlled by another. Walk these four steps of Wisdom yourself!

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