Music for Golf Concentration

Golf Meditation

CONCENTRATION is considered by most golf professionals to be the key skill for playing golf, and yet it is almost never taught! This web will offer practical "how-to" advice on golf course concentration. We will feature the use of PrimaSounds as golf concentration music, and other techniques for falling into the "Zone" of concentration and peak performance.

For an exercise you can already do on-line, go to PrimaSounds Meditation page, listen to the short PrimaSounds music excerpt you'll hear there while staring at the moving mandala on screen. Don't think of anything, just turn your computer loud, relax and listen. Also try downloading and then playing a few of the PrimaSounds music samples while you stare blankly at the hynotic mandalas below. Then, without letting yourself get distracted, immediately go out and hit some balls or play golf. It should help a little. But, not to worry, we will offer much more powerful tools later. Still, this should give you some taste of things to come.


This web is currently under construction. Check back with us from time to time and watch us build it!

In the meantime, remember YOU CANNOT MAKE YOURSELF CONCENTRATE. You can't just squint real hard and furrow your brow to concentrate. Telling yourself to concentrate doesn't work either. In fact, this kind of mental chatter just interferes with concentration. You simply can't force concentration to happen on the golf course, or anywhere else. It doesn't work that way. In fact, just the opposite is true. It is a process that you let happen, rather than force. You slip into it, and acheive it by "not-trying" to do anything at all.

The prerequisite to concentration is relaxation. So, you relax first, then allow your concentration to slowly grow from a clear and empty mind. Concentration is natural and easy, but only when you have changed from a conscious thinking state, to a state of pure, empty Awareness. Here you are both relaxed, yet alert, and your brain starts producing what are known as Alpha Brain Waves (10-14 hz). When in the alpha brain wave state golf concentration comes naturally and easily.

That is the key to golf concentration, to put yourself into the relaxed alpha state, then focus on the totality of the "game". Don't focus on winning, the score, "hitting" the ball, fixing an error, or worst of all, trying even harder than before. Chances are you'll just get tense, your concentration will worsen, you'll miss more shots than before, and your frustration will grow. Instead, chill-out, be aware of the beauty of your surroundings, the golf course, focus on the target, your next shot, the anticipated flight path, the rhythm of a swing, the feel of striking the sweet spot, etc.

Don't think about concentration to acheive it, instead let go, feel and observe. There are many techniques to do this, and in this web we'll share a few.



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