Welcome to School of Wisdom 2.0

Dear Friends,

We have been working hard at the School to bring you this whole new version of our online education program. We were the first on the web back in the mid-1990s, but have not changed much over the past 10 years or so. All that is changing now as we unveil this new version of our websites. Although most of the materials from our teachers, such as Arnold Keyserling, are the same, the form and formats have been brought into the 21st Century. Please check with us often as we add new features and interactivity in the coming months.

Relax, enjoy and look around at your leisure. The only tests at the School of Wisdom come from life itself. Think of that the next time you are presented with a challenge or a moral choice. We all struggle daily to practice what we preach, to walk our talk. Even, or should I say especially, the leaders of the School of Wisdom.

In the meantime, we stand ready to try to respond to all sincere questions

Peace -

Current Director of the School of Wisdom

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