Wisdom and the Wheel

The Wheel is the archetypal symbol "par excellence" which can be used as a tool for comprehension of yourself and the Universe. This type of "Rosetta Stone" is the life's work of Arnold Keyserling, a Vienesse philosopher, Professor at the Academy of Art, and son of the founder of the School of Wisdom, Count Hermann Keyserling. Find information about the Wheel's relationship to language, grammar, the body, the Zodiac, history, geography, mythology, the solar system, the enneagram, and more!

african-philosophy-classroom-icon.jpgAfrican Philosophy

We want to begin with a little prayer, something that will express our intent to bring the spirits into this place, so that what we do can be for the greatest good, but also so that they can show us how to reach the greatest good. Maybe those of you who can stand up will do that. Here is how we're going to do it. We're going to make some invocation prayers in Dagara, so don't worry if you don't understand what's going on. Take it deep down into your bones where language is naturally understood. We will pray to the spirit of the land here, the spirit of the trees, the waters, the fires, and so on and so forth. After that, we're going to ask that any person who's got a good spirit, a good connection with some power source, and the other side of this reality whom you think can be of great use to the beauty we want to produce by being together here for the next couple of days, you can call that spirit name and invite that spirit to come and be with us throughout this time we're going to spend together.

iching-icon.jpgChinese Philosophy

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, may be the oldest book of the earth; it is certainly one of our greatest treasures of wisdom. As Confucius said, by following the counsels of the book, and studying it continuously, we can attain creative awareness in every situation. This web is dedicated to assisting in that life long process. It is designed for the moderate to advanced student.

environmental-studies-icon.jpgEnvironmental Studies

The Earth does not need saving - Gaia will get along fine without us. But all Life as we know it on Earth may well be in peril. Many people, including a majority of the living Nobel Laureates in the sciences, recognize that the entire Human Species is in danger of extinction, along with most other life on Earth. Be informed of the problem and don't despair. It is not too late. We humans do have the natural wisdom to survive. All of Nature is counting on us and will help. If enough of us recognize the problems in time, and act responsibly, we can turn it around. So read these essays, take positive action, and be a part of the solution, not the problem. Recognize that we are not Masters of Nature, we are a part of Nature - she is our Mother. Love her, serve life, give back to her and all other life on Earth. Remember, and act for our children's children.

fractal-math-icon.jpgFractal Math & Physics

New discoveries inthe science and mathematics of Chaos research are revolutionizing our world view. They reveal a hidden fractal order underlying all seemingly chaotic events. The fractals are intricate and beautiful. They repeat basic patterns, but with an infinity of variations and forms. The world-view emerging from this scientific research is new, and yet at the same time ancient. With a little thought, and the help of this web, you can better understand the significance of Chaos and Fractals. You can see how to use these insights in your life to create a bridge between Science and Spirituality.

holistic-philosophy-icon.jpgHolistic Philosophy

The whole spectrum of human knowledge is synthesized to reveal the spiritual significance of the dominant belief system of modern times, the Myth of Science. Myth is not used in a derogatory sense, but in its original meaning as a true belief system which gives meaning to life, and links with the great belief systems of the past. This volume of the School of Wisdom's English Language Publication Series is its advanced text. All of the basic ideas and curriculum of the School are presented in a concise form with hundreds of charts, photographs and full color illustrations. It was co-written by Austrian Philosopher and Professor, Arnold Keyserling -- a student of George Gurdjieff and Ramana Maharishi -- and by Keyserling's student and long time friend, R.C.L., now an attorney in the U.S.

legal-philosophy.gifLegal Philosophy

Laws of Wisdom applies the thinking skills and tools of a lawyer to understand key laws from religion, psychology, and science. The author, an experienced lawyer and researcher in these areas, applies the insights of legal analysis and clear thinking. He presents his case on these laws, and how you can use them to find inner peace, joy and wisdom, to awaken full potential, expand consciousness, and unite with the Universe. The multicultural Laws of Wisdom are tied together concisely, with originality and creativity, and, considering he's a lawyer, with a minimum of technicalities.

visionary-poetry-icon.gifVisionary Poetry

The inspirational messages on this web provide the kind of relevation that Jung spoke of, a wisdom greater than our own limited human perspective. The prophetic visions herald a coming good of global interconnectedness, individual spirituality, and rapid, profound change. The right brained visions were channelled through an otherwise left brained scholar, Professor Arnold Keyserling, of the Academy of Art, Vienna, Austria. The words came to Keyserling in the 1970s from entities near and far in the Cosmos, shortly before his election as President of the European Association of Humanistic Psychologists. Originally written in German, they were translated into English by the School of Wisdom, and approved by Keyserling. New Age Visions constitutes Volume 1 of the larger School of Wisdom Series of books and records. These messages - which until now have only been shared with an intimate circle of friends and students in Europe and the U.S. - are a source of profound inspiration.

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